Fire Suppression

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Fixed systems are designed to extinguish a fire by reducing the oxygen level. A fire requires a consistent oxygen level of 18% and above. So, in most circumstances systems are designed to lower the oxygen to approximately 15%. This ensures life can be supported at all times whilst the fire is starved of the required oxygen rate.

The only system that can eliminate both fire and people by design is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). CO2 lowers oxygen to 0%. However, CO2 should be, and is normally placed in unmanned areas.

All Fixed systems have the same layout and are produced bespoke to any given area. They consist of high pressurised cylinders, a pipe network to distribute the agent evenly, and nozzles to throw the agent in the right direction and at the correct speed and consistency.

There are many types of gases and trademarks available, but they all fall into four categories – Chemical, Inert, Liquid & Water based products.

Abbey Fire and Security can design and install the mechanical and electronic sides of these systems, and we also carryout integrity testing of areas covered by Fire Suppression Systems.

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